Winter Is A Great Time To House Hunt

“Mortgage rates are low now, although they are higher than they were six months ago, and higher than they were last March,” Corbett says. “The price increases that were common in metro markets such as Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando are slowing. Even Atlanta, which had an average 19% price increase last year, is showing signs of cooling.”

Corbett explains why the holidays are no time to take a long winter’s nap if you want to buy a home.

There isn’t a lot of competition. People know they’re going to be busy or traveling during the holidays, so most deals have been wrapped up or people have put off looking until after the New Year. There are still homes on the market, but not as many people gunning for them. This is an advantage to both buyers.

If it’s a slow season, doesn’t that mean inventory will be lower?

Yes, but the sellers are motivated. These are likely the homes that for whatever reason didn’t go during the peak season. The sellers will want to get the deal closed, especially for tax purposes. For a lot of people, it’s mental. It’s the end of the year and they want to tie up loose ends. This is an advantage for buyers, especially if there are points to negotiate.

Would other key people in the equation, such as realtors and mortgage brokers, also be scarce?

I know a lot of realtors who love this time of year. They say they get a lot of business done because the people who are out looking are serious. As a buyer, your broker will have more time to focus on you, as opposed to other times of the year when they might be juggling more clients. You may not be able to close before the end of the year, but it’s a good time to get something under contract.

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