Three books to power up your new year

Disrupt Yourself  by Whitney Johnson.

We are living in a time of disruption. Traditional businesses are either being disrupted or – the smart ones – are actively making sure they are ahead of the curve to disrupt themselves.

But most people don’t think about what that means for their own professional lives. Disrupt Yourself takes the concepts of disruption and applies them to personal careers.

Entrepreneurial You by Dorie Clark.

Once you’ve stepped back and assessed your career, you might decide to embed more diversity and self-reliance into it. Entrepreneurial You gives you a guide to do that. (Disclosure: I am profiled in this book.)

Clark says that the way to hedge your career risk is to develop multiple options and multiple revenue streams. In the busy day-to-day of your life you may not be thinking this, so the insight itself is helpful.

Multipliers, by Liz Wiseman.
If your goal for next year is to become a better leader, you can’t do better than Liz Wiseman’s book Multipliers.

The premise of Mulitpliers is simple: as a leader you are either getting the most out of your people or you are in some ways dampening them. Wiseman lays out specific frameworks and tools to help you assess what your actions are doing and to chart a path for you to unlock more smarts and capabilities in your employees.

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