The ultimate angling aid: a fishing drone

MOST pastimes nowadays involve lots of high-tech gadgets. For fishermen these range from electronic bite alarms to carbon-fibre rods, specialised clothing and tackle boxes stuffed with various odd and ends. There is so much clobber that some anglers use trolleys to lug around their gear. Now the ultimate piece of kit has arrived: a fishing drone.

The device, called PowerRay, comes from PowerVision, a dronemaker in Beijing. It is a submersible that carries a video camera to send images of Neptune’s kingdom back to the angler on the bank or boat above. These pictures, either still or video, can be viewed on the screen of the hand-held unit that controls the drone, or on a smartphone. Those who really want to get into the swim can don a pair of virtual-reality goggles to watch them.

PowerRay is equipped with a fish detector. This uses sonar, sending out sound waves and picking up the reflections that bounce off nearby objects. PowerVision claims that the system can distinguish between species, permitting the angler to identify the target he wants. The drone can then be used to carry a baited hook to the spot, and let it go. Just for good…Continue reading

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