MacBook will be released on Thursday October 27th 2016

These past few days, Apple is surely busy in preparation for the upcoming October 27 event that will launch the new Mac lineup. Is it worth to wait for the upcoming Apple MacBook Pro 2016 flagship notebook? Would I buy one?
Most Anticipated Device MacBook Pro 2016
After the launch of the flagship mobile devices, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the arrival of the MacBook Pro 2016 on the market is one of the most anticipated this year. BGR reports that the upcoming Apple flagship laptop will come with a lot of new features and improvements, such as the OLED function key panel that is expected to replace the FN keys commonly used in previous Apple laptop models. Apple will place the newly designed OLED function panel on the upper part of the keyboard in order to provide easy and quick access to the shortcut keys to some of the frequently used applications.
Major tech companies usually launch their devices in October, aiming to ensure good sales for the upcoming holiday season. Apple makes no exception and it’s highly anticipated MacBook Pro 2016 flagship laptop is set to launch at the event scheduled on October 27. As stated by MacWorld, Microsoft will also launch in October its latest Surface Pro 5, possible even before the Apple event.
MacBook Pro 2016’s Display
According to GameNGuide, there are many rumors and speculations about the specs and features of the upcoming MacBook Pro 2016. According to them, MacBook Pro 2016 might come with a 5K display that will replace the ThunderBolt display of its predecessors. LG and Apple are rumored to work together to improve MacBook Pro’s display.
MacBook Pro 2016’s Specs
Spec-wise, the MacBook Pro 2016 is expected to draw its processing power from the sixth generation of dual-core Intel Core M. Some tech analysts have even speculated that Apple may use seventh generation Intel Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs in its upcoming flagship laptop. The device will come with support for USB-C and an extended battery life of about 10 hours, according to Gotta Be Mobile.
In terms of security, there are also rumors that MacBook Pro 2016’s security feature will be improved by Apple by implementing a new fingerprint login ability. Apple already uses this new security feature in its smartphones, so it makes sense that its latest laptops will adapt to this trend. The fingerprint sensor will be located under the MacBook Pro 2016’s power button.
MacBook Pro 2016’s Gaming Potential
According to Tech Times, Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pro 2016 will be a better performer in gaming than previous models. Based on information that was provided by insiders from the manufacturing line, IBT Times reports that the flagship laptop from Apple will come with AMD’s Polaris 11 GPU graphics cards. It is also reported that MacBook Pro 2016 will come with macOS Sierra pre-installed.
MacBook Pro 2016’s Pricing
As Apple’s flagship laptop is not yet on the market and the company did not make any official claims, any information about its price is purely speculative at this moment. However, market analysts predict that the 2016 MacBook Pro will come with a price tag of as much as $2,099 for the 15-inch variant, while the 13-inch model will cost $1,099. You can check all the previous MacBook version price here in the meantime.
If you hate typing in your password, you have a good reason to buy the new 2016 MacBook Pro that will come with a Touch ID power button. But, of course, this is not the only reason. The upcoming flagship laptop from Apple will come with a completely new design and more powerful hardware. The notebook will reportedly be even thinner than the current MacBook Air.
The small touch panel above the keyboard that comes with integrated features will help increase the productivity of your work. And for gamers, the new laptop promises to bring increased performance and a 5K display. For all these reasons and more, I would definitely buy Apple’s new flagship MacBook Pro.


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