Netflix and its Free Competitor

In a letter to shareholders, Netflix has highlighted what it describes as a “sobering” trend that is occurring within the European country. The letter, denote on Netflix’s web site along side associate profit-and-loss statement that sent the stock worth up the maximum amount as sixteen p.c, enclosed a link to the present chart, that shows Google search traffic within the European country.

Popularity Chart (netflix vs hbo vs popcorn time)
Netflix vs HBO vs Popcorn Time popularity


Popcorn Time and Netflix

What is Popcorn Time, and why will Netflix suppose it is important enough to inform investors about? Popcorn Time is one amongst the foremost common services for looking pirated movies and tv shows right away. It’s usually known as “the Netflix for pirates” attributable to however simple it’s to search out and stream prohibited content. The software package is offered for each major laptop and smartphone software system, as well as the iPhone—if users ar willing to violate Apple’s terms of service and “jailbreak” their devices.
Popcorn Time has found a curiously fervent fan base among the Dutch. Kingdom of The Netherlands is that the second-largest marketplace for the app with one.3 million downloads, in keeping with the diary TorrentFreak, citing developer Time four Popcorn. that will be concerning eight p.c of the country’s population. Netflix and HBO, that each supply on-line services within the European country, do not run off subscriber numbers there.
The Netherlands is associate uncommon case. In several markets wherever Netflix operates, the service is way additional common than Popcorn Time, in keeping with Google knowledge. however free networks that ar too smart to be legal will quickly go world. After all, the Napster revolution started on faculty campuses, and Pirate Bay, that was raided by police last month, was at first a unusual Swedish export. The U.S. is Popcorn Time’s biggest market, with 1.4 million downloads as of Sep, in keeping with TorrentFreak. Time four Popcorn did not straightaway answer asking for comment.
In the letter (PDF), signed by Netflix Chief officer Reed Hastings and Chief treasurer David Wells, Netflix is attempting to create the case that piracy—not HBO or Hulu—is the important enemy. “Piracy continues to be one amongst our biggest competitors,” they wrote.
This is not a brand new message. Netflix executives are in public creating this case since a minimum of 2005, once the company’s main business was shipping DVDs through the mail. it is a classic Steve Jobs argument, the one he wont to persuade the music labels to sell their songs for 99¢ a pop. “We have a so much superior expertise than Kazaa,” Jobs same during a 2003 interview with Esquire. Popcorn Time is showing that, because the legal choices improve, therefore do the illicit ones.


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