May 2, 2017

Trump's wacky history lessons continue

After puzzling comments about 19th Century abolitionist Frederick Douglass and marveling that no one knew Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, President Donald Trump has just unloaded […]
May 1, 2017

Donald Trump walks away during CBS interview

President Trump abruptly ended an interview with CBS anchor John Dickerson after Dickerson repeatedly asked about the president’s unfounded wiretapping claims. Source: cnn-us
May 1, 2017

Trump: Why could the Civil War not have 'been worked out?'

President Donald Trump discussed the origins of the Civil War in an interview airing Monday, asking, “Why was there the Civil War? Why could that one […]
May 1, 2017

Panel gets heated over Trump's Civil War comment

CNN political commentator Paris Dennard and radio host Bill Press argue over President Trump asking about the cause of the Civil War. Source: cnn-us