April 3, 2017

Democrats' Medicare-for-all litmus test

Democrats eying the 2020 presidential contest could soon face a “Medicare-for-all” litmus test from the party’s progressive base. Source: cnn-us
April 3, 2017

Mother and her toddler daughter die in a Louisiana tornado

Severe weather bringing strong winds and potential flooding is battering the Southeast, with a tornado in Louisiana claiming two lives Sunday morning. Source: cnn-us
April 3, 2017

Slavery still exists in the land of the free

Missouri attorney general, Josh Hawley, says his state will act against the scourge of human trafficking using criminal and consumer protection statutes. Source: cnn-us
April 2, 2017

How my daughter died from the flu

A mom reveals the nightmare of losing her daughter to the flu. She calls on parents, lawmakers and corporations to do more to prevent needless deaths. […]